Personal scheduling assistant for teams

Create fully-customizable assistants that schedule meetings for your team – just CC the assistant onto emails to turn 10 hours per week of scheduling into 10 minutes.

Access high-level analytics and insights into your team's scheduling habits, and automate internal and external scheduling processes for your organization.

To: Jack, Assistant

35 seconds ago

Subject: Re: Can we meet?

Hey Jack, would love to meet.

I've CC'd my assistant who can help us find a time.

Works with enterprise tools





Parity's external scheduling outreach will increase booking rates compared to traditional booking links. And internal scheduling can become 100% automated with fast, assistant-to-assistant communication.

Coordinate Events

Parity can coordinate your meetings. Just say "can you find us a time for this?" and Parity will coordinate with everyone else on the thread.

Private & Secure

Your organization can trust Parity. We're built with security and privacy in mind. Learn more?

Internal Meetings

Your Parity assistant can communicate with other assistants to find a time that works for everyone, completely autonomously.

Reschedule Events

If you need to clear your schedule for a day, just say "can you reschedule all my events tomorrow?" and Parity will handle it.


Focus on what matters.

Save every employee hours of time each week.